So Far a Way


Table des matières

Τὰ ἔμα ἀπολωλότα εἴδωλα καὶ ἄλλοι γλαυκοί μῦθοι
The last letter she wrote to me
Losing hope (the dark vision of my life)
Artificial paradises
Paroles abandonnées durant l'enregistrement
Another night feeling exclude and lonely
Paroles utilisées seulement lors du deuxième concert du groupe
Paroles abandonnées lors de la reformation du groupe
A Dream
Paroles jamais utilisées
My sorrowing sisters
The River
A wish for light
Thy own name veiled

Τὰ ἔμα ἀπολωλότα εἴδωλα καὶ ἄλλοι γλαυκοί μῦθοι


Ladies we much portray and gentle-men perchance:
we lay synnoetic, as a group of persons.
false gods we'll never pray, from no idols we're fans;
a way, so far, gnostic without lettered icons.


“The last letter she wrote to me”

All in my mind has changed
When I read her letter,
My tragic theatre
Became hopeful… but strange!

Do not know where I am,
Do not know who I am,
Do not know where I go,
I know I am alone.

I was a sad lover,
And thanks to her letter,
Finally I forgot her.
I have forgotten her!

Her words have awaken my mind,
Now, from her, I am lastly free,
I may live once again and see,
I am in a new state of mind:

Fallen in nothingness,
I am near craziness,
And still in loneliness,
Drown under nothingness.

Do not know where I am,
Do not know who I am,
Do not know where I go,
I know I am alone.

Do not see no future
Since I have lost my past.
Now I only wonder
If this day is the last!


“Losing hope (the dark vision of my life)”

I am lost in the deep abyss of my cold mind.
For so long now, my soul is in the bleak darkness;
I wish to go far away, away from these blinds,
Although I do not know, where a hell I should go,
I just want to escape my bleak life of sorrow,
Leave far away this horrible reality.
Why is my life so hard to stand, I do not know,
When in my childhood, blinded, I was so happy;

Then, few years ago, my life did fall into darkness,
I was completely drown by my so deep crestfallen;
Now, awaken, I know why I am in loneliness,
But even now, I cannot face this too radiant sun,
So, I know where my belle kindred spirit, I may find,
She is somewhere in the beautiful shade of darkness,
But will I ever find her? (This thought tortures my mind),
Or will I forever stay in my bleak loneliness?


“Artificial paradises”

At first with friends in a quiet place,
All was ready for just one taste.
Enjoy the taste, take the habit,
All excuses are good for it.

Get slim by always vomiting,
And thus a puppet becoming.
In all those so sweet, so mortal
and so strong substances' orders.

No, nothing else to do, when in.
Coke, hero, alcohol, speed, pills,
The real dealers are not in
The addicts' false paradises.

Paralysed by a lack crisis
because of those paradises.
By feeling the need, becoming
prostitute, steeling, aggressing, …

No will to go out of this shit
In death caught, but not soon you'll quit.
Wear the mark of artificial
feels of fun, that's indelible.

It's a war, where most 'till death stay.
No medal when out just some peace,
The way out: Each one finds his way.
Will to quit false paradises.

Go out of your cage,
reject all those shits,
find strength and courage
to say no to it!

Those are goddamn paradises!



  • passer son temps dans ses souvenirs accomplis,
    • essayer d'accomplir l'inachevé passé,
  • présenter l'instant passant comme profit en tombant en permanence dans l'oubli et l'insouciance ou
  • se projeter continuellement dans l'accomplissement du futur par peur de l'imparfait tout en ignorant ce qui fut fait ou encore
  • faire, être ou avoir pour paraître ce que nous croyons nécessaire pour donner et recevoir de l'amour,
    • voire errer dans la volonté de
      • toujours faire ou avoir plus ou
      • d'être toujours dans l'“être (ici et maintenant)” se désincarnant virtuellement de fait,
  • voilà le commun des excès qui font:
    • passer à côté de sa vie,
    • ne se présenter:
      • soit qu'en tant qu'enveloppe charnelle,
      • soit qu'en tant qu'être,
    • ou parfaire l'à venir dans une voie sans issue en s'empêchant
      • de s'accomplir soi-même et
      • de participer à l'accomplissement des siens.

Une vie, c'est:

  • un corps,
    • des sensations,
    • des besoins,
    • un cœur,
      • un vécu,
      • des connaissances,
      • des réflexions,
    • une tête,
      • des sentiments,
      • des pensées,
  • des voix et des visions intérieurs,
  • une voie ici bas qui vise là haut, ainsi nous voguons animé dans nos vagues à l'âme.
Tout cela forme un ensemble où rien ne va jamais l'un sans l'autre.


Nous donnons toutes leurs importances à nos vies car nous savons d'expérience qu'elles aboutissent, en leurs temps, à la mort. Au-delà, nous croyons.

Savoir que la mort peut venir à tout instant stimule l'envie:

  • de vivre et
  • d'aimer:
    • les nôtres et
    • les autres
  • et d'être généreux avec
    • les nôtres,
    • et avec autrui dés que possible.

Dans notre corps animé, cet ensemble dans lequel nous vivons, aucun de nous n'est immortel et heureusement!

et plus ultra


  • la fin de la maîtrise de notre destin,
alors quelque soit nos croyances:
  • croyons-y.


Paroles abandonnées durant l'enregistrement

“Another night feeling exclude and lonely”1

And one more time, I am alone.
Friends (ha)! They've found a kindred spirit:
They have left me on my own,
(On this corner), with my sadness.

As always, they sing all these songs,
These stupid garbage they call "hits";
These hours, exclude, are so long.

No I won't sleep this night,
As every Friday night.

How don't I fall in craziness?
No! It is not only the fate.
I fell in silence and bleakness,
It's my only crime, up to date;

But it pushed me in nothingness,
In sadness, loneliness: nowhere!
My bleak fate is so hard to bear!

No I won't sleep this night,
As every Friday night.

Why do I dwell here?
Between all those jerks,
That just can drink beers
Till light kills the murk.


Paroles utilisées seulement lors du deuxième concert du groupe


Frustration of imagination
Under love's destruction,
I fear all my passions,
So my life I live in agony!

I am sick of
All these under-love,
Asking where is my dove,
I live in agony!

I am lost in my thoughts,
Why am I so much alone,
I am lost in emptiness!

I'm lost in agony,
Lost in my melodies,
Lost in love's butcheries,
Cuz I'm a misery!

Gloom (basé sur les paroles de Frédéric de Graze).

Paroles abandonnées lors de la reformation du groupe


Human thou art not if human is not to be blind,
And human art not if human do not weep or cry;
But human thou art if thou killest her in thy mind,
And human thou art if thou stoppest her in her fly.


“A Dream”4

Ô, what dream may lie
On a sweet bed of furs,
Betrays even the night
By its hands so impure.

Ô, but the dream may come
With a warm breath of lust
And dismiss its kingdom.

My inamorato
Died forlorn long ago…

Ô, what a dream may frost
Throughout the window pane
That remains iced and lost
Where tears forever rain.

But the dream may be drown
And the ring may be burst
And dismissed is the throne.

My inamorato
Died forlorn long ago…

…Ô, Everything must die…
…Ha! Everyone must die…
…Yes, Everything must die…
…Haha, Everyone die…


Paroles jamais utilisées

Ces paroles ont été écrites du temps d'Eidôlon sans jamais être utilisée pour en suite être abandonnée lors de la reformation du groupe.

“My sorrowing sisters”

As the moonlight that cast a wild flower on her breast,
Flooded through this gaunt forest I am bound to lay in…

As the sorrowing sisters once stood by the lost graveside
An instant shadow rose admist the forsaken stars.

Lest tear! But I fear her glance through the vivid veil.


As my fear blinds and cast a bloody hole on her breast,
May my hands caress her in an oblivious aeon long crime…

And then sonorous kisses would become of heaven's silence.

The lone sorrowing sister standing by the lost graveside
As an eternal remembrance alit on my trembling hands.

As my fear deafs and cast a bloody tear on her breast,
May my lips kiss her in an extatic aeon long fight…

And then sonorous whispers would become of severe pain.

The absent sorrowing kind standing by the lost graveside
As an eternal solitude veil drown an my5 ephemeral hands.

As my fear infects and cast a last thought in her breast,
May my pain vanish her presence in a fairy cloud of dust…

But then sonorous wind would still whistle through the living walls.

The reborn sorrowing sisters standing by my lost graveside
As an angel flight brought joy on the place of my fall.


“The River”

From the bank of the cold river under the sky red,
When upon my face falls the rain of the tears she shed,
As the moon is high and round and her dress is bleeding,
I stretch my hands with the passion of a priest dying;
Yet often I drown, once more die in a flight of doves,
In the light of the radiant goddess whose tress is love.

Out of aeon's hands …?
And for my own sake …?

Ô, I was born with no name,
I was buried with no name,
King of a kingdom of shame.


“A wish for light”

My creed it has vanished with her face crestfallen
In the midst of roses a portrait of the belle forlorn
An aimless wandering through the land forsaken
The paleness of winters shading lights not shown

Tell her I still hear her breath yet she is silent
Tell her my last praise, bring her my heart torn

A wish for light
My marble bride forlorn
An angel died
My betrothed unknown


“Thy own name veiled”

Silently may I dream to drown my dreams in thine
And for a while may I once rest my hands in thine?
No sun points. My eyes need just to enter thine.
Dancing… Singing… But the lines a secret they hold
Rare and golden as an orphaned orchid never told,
As by thy window pane the nightingale alights.

I dream but wouldst thou here tend the light?
Lonely I dream and to my words the secret belongs
Veiled by thee as under thy eyes clearly shown;
Enslaved by the direction of my fairy song.

Yearn for my name, my sweet benign of the days of yore
Out of my words, out of thy sight, out of thy feared lore
Unveil thy own name but whose within art thou looking fore.



1: les paroles de “Another night feeling exclude and lonely” ont été remplacées par celle de “Artificial paradises”. Par ailleurs, le premier titre de cette chanson était “Exclude and lonely”, bien que cette chanson ne sera probablement jamais mis en musique, Gloom voulant écrire une chanson intitulée “Exclude and lonely” pour un autre projet a préféré changer le titre de la chanson écrite pour So Far a Way.

2: le groupe (du temps d'Eidôlon) a fait une reprise de la chanson “Agony” du (feu-)groupe Graze, mais, comme les membres d'Eidôlon n'avaient aucunement les paroles de celle-ci (et que le chant de la version originale était en fait une voie gutturale), Gloom fit une interprétation libre des paroles de cette chanson en utilisant la plupart des mots compréhensibles sur le seul enregistrement de cette chanson.

3: les paroles de “Human” ont été remplacées par celle d'“Religāmur”.

4: les paroles de “A Dream” ont été remplacées par celle de “Exclude and lonely” (qui, plus tard, ont été remplacées par celle de “Artificial paradises”).

5: sic! Il s'agit certainement d'une faute de frappe.