So Far a Way


Thursday November 15th 2018

The website has been modified once again to take into concideration ethical problems caused by some technologies that are developing more and more. As a result, a certain number of elements in it has been suppressed and some other elements has been adapted.

Wednesday October 10th 2018

The last verse of the lyrics of “Artificial paradises” has been modified to be closer to the original lyrics; indeed, the lyrics has been translated from French into English by Gloom relatively freely and this last verse modified the original lyrics' sense and disturbed Gloom that changed a lot since that translation, thus, he looked for the original lyrics to see what was possible to do and a more literal translation (with a synonymous that kept something personal from him) perfectly fitted to him.

The musical part of the piece containing this last verse has been replaced by the version without vocals that have a little problem at the beginning on the right track (problem that has been solved during the mixing with the vocals).

Friday December 16th 2016

Following the lyrics changes, some recording without vocal (older and so less worked and more abrupt) replaced the two peaces that lyrics chaned.

Apart from that, the diacriticals signs fo the title in ancient greek has been at last added.

Tuesday November 3rd 2016

The new technologies talken about before are now used by adding the band's two gigs' videos in direct broadcasting and the use of the same type of broadcasting for the audio files already present to that are joined the equivalant audio files in the (uncompressed) FLAC format for download.

Besides, Gloom modified the lyrics of the first and the last recored songs to be in agreement with his “present thoughts”, there titles also changed, the first one is now called: “Religāmur” and “Memento mori” becomes “Memento”, “morī” only being one of its sub-titles, more over, begeondan the titles and the sub-titles in latin, the rest of the lyrics of this song is only in french (although it might be translated one day, but, in this case, it will be in a few languages and english won't be the first).

Wednesday February 18 2015

Sometimes ago, the domain name has been took back but there has been some technical problems that made the website innaccessible during few days. The folowing days, that are those last days, the website has been up-dated, almost nothing changed in the content but the container has been conciderabily improved (and some problems, that came-up with time, has been, in the same times, corrected). Those changes will ease future improvement for the use of new technologies.

Sunday December 29 2013

First, as a news is done, we profit from that to inform you that following to a hard drive corruption that occurred around 2007/2008, the demo might never be finished (even if some back-up, that would be complicated to use, exist).

Last, Gloom makes the following statement:

After reading the lyrics I wrote again, I clearly consider them as past, my life changed, my mind changed, whatever the subjects are old personal stories I don't want to think about or thoughts developed are meaningless to me now or even opposite to my present thoughts, don't consider any of the lyrics I wrote that are the present website as representative of who I am now!

Thanks for your understanding.

Wednesday December 27th 2006

The band now exist for ten years. On that occasion, a complete recast of the website has been done! About the recording, it still drags on, that leads to some lake of motivation that makes a snowball effect… so, don't expect any news for a while.