So Far a Way


The band has been formed in december 1996 with “ΚΦ” at the bass, François at the keyboard, “Gloom” at the vocals, Laurent at the guitar and “Séba.” at the drums. Their music evolve in a style that may be called “Doom Atmospheric Gothic Metal”.

The band first rehearsed in a church in Montegnée.

Laurent proposed the name “Hades” that becomes the band's name.

A few weeks latter, Gloom discovered a band already having this name. So, the band has been named “Eidôlon”, name also proposed by Laurent.

After the split of the band “Graze” (whose ΚΦ was a member of), Eidôlon integrated the local of this band that is cituated in Grâce-hollogne.

Eidôlon made its first gig the 1st of October 1997, opening for the band “Black Swords” (whose Gloom is a member of) at the bar “Le Couvent” in Liège. The band performed two songs in a bit less than twenty-five minutes.

A bit latter and for few weeks only, “Mike” is the second guitar player of the band.

At the begining of 1998, “Pralain” joined Eidôlon as the second guitar player.

The second Eidôlon's gig occured the 8th of August 1998 at the “Carlo Levi” with the band “Clouds of Sadness” opening. The band performed five songs and two covers in about fifty minutes. Pierre from Black Swords has been invited to play drums with the band on the last cover.

The following day, Gloom announced his departure from Eidôlon.

At the end of september, Séba. has been kicked out, a bit after, Laurent is no more a band member*, then, the members of the band decided to stop rehearsong their songs to only rehearce the piece Orion from Metallica, thus, Eidôlon did split.

Following that, “Casper” begins to rehearse the guitar of the piece “Orion” with the rest of the band.

A bit latter, François stopped to rehearse to devote his-self to his studies.

A bit less then a year and a half pass by and the band's members think about playing the Eidôlon songs again. Gloom and “Dedman” (pseudonym adopted meanwhile by François) are more or less canvassed, thus, they both “reintegrate” the band that have so been “reformed” at the 4th of March 2000. The members of the band decided not to take back the name “Eidôlon”…

Few days latter, Pierre proposed to Gloom to be the drummer of the band and integrate it the 24th of that month.

The same day, Pierre proposed the name “Synoetic” that has been choosen between few other names. Note that it contains an error as the correct orthography is: “Synnoetic”.

At the begining of June, the band have to move and integrate Black Swords and “cueille la nuit” (whose Gloom and Pierre are members of)'s the rehearsal local, that is also cituated in Grâce-Hollogne.

Casper announced his decision to leave Synoetic the 2nd of December (because of its divergences with Gloom).

Following that, a guitare player named Pascal integrated the band, he first rehearsed with them the 16th of December.

In June 2001, Synoetic decides to record a demo at the “We do with what we have studio” (Gloom's “home studio”).

At the end of July, Pierre record the drums.

In August, Dedman begins to record the keyboard.

The 19th of August, Pascal announced that he leaves Synoetic.

At the begining of September, Dedman stopped to record while he almost had finished because of his studies.

At the end of September or the begining of October, as Gloom use to ask him, Pierre Bodson (old Greek's teacher) translate the title of the demo in old Greek. Here it is: “Τὰ ἔμα ἀπολωλότα εἴδωλα καὶ ἄλλοι γλαυκοί μῦθοι”.

The 10th of October, the band decide to change their name and it has been named “So Far”.

The 20th of June 2002, the members of the band decide that, after the recording and a last gig, the band will split.

The 16th of July, Pralain begins to record his guitar.

A band named “So far” already exisiting, the 12th of September, the band changed their name once again to finaly be called “So Far a Way”.

The 8th of July 2004, Pralain finished to record his guitar.

The 19th of July, ΚΦ begins to record the bass.

At the begining of August, a piece of ΚΦ's bass is broken, although, a song is recored, but when this song has been recored (the 9th of that month), the bass recording has been interrupted.

Gloom recorded the vocals between the 19th of July and the 9th of August 2005.

Around 2007 or 2008, the hard drive containing the recording got his partition used for that purpose lost. Some back-up exists in form of CD-R but the program used might be hardly recoverable and there might be great problems using new version of that program that is a lot different now (it even changed his name).

So Far a Way's new logotype
New So Far a Way's logotype.

At the end of April 2021, Gloom redo the band's logotype based on a sketch made around 2003 to have something more personnal then a simple font.

*: There are two version of this story indeed: two of the protagonists (ΚΦ and Pralain) tell that ΚΦ dismissed Laurent by telling him to leave (the rehearsal); Laurent (the last protagonist) tells that he left the band (by leaving the rehearsal)…